New Trail Coaches & Trainers


Beth D.


Beth is a NOVA native who has been teaching for 10 years. She loves to do a combination of current and classic rock in her classes. If Beth had to pick a favorite decade for music she would put the 80s at the top of the list. You can expect to leave Beth’s classes sweaty, happy and ready for the day.

Schedule: Tues 9:30am & Fri 9:30am 55+ Ride



Owner, Coach & Trainer

Liz got hooked on indoor cycling in her high school days back in upstate New York. She loves the fact you can push yourself mentally and physically in the studio. You’ll hear a variety of music depending on the time of day – more rock in the morning and more current pop hits as the day goes on. Liz wants you to leave class feeling invigorated and recharged.

Schedule: Tues 530am & 1030am 55+ Strength/Wed 530pm House Ride/ Thurs 530am & 930am House Ride & 1030am Express Strength

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Coach & Trainer

Jeff was born in NY but raised in North Carolina. Don’t let his serious face fool you - this Tar Heel will have you laughing as he pushes you throughout class. Jeff loves a variety of music but mostly plays pop, rock and alternative. He has been teaching for 19 years and still loves to challenge his riders so they feel like they can take on anything in and out of the studio.

Schedule: Sun 945am House Ride & 1045am Core & Stretch/ Tues 6pm Strength & Cycle



Coach & Trainer

Peter may have lived in a variety of places from Arizona to Latvia but he calls Virginia home. He’s an outdoor cyclist turned indoor instructor. He loves the workout and how it brings people together. You can expect to hear a mix of latin, electronic and rock in Peter’s classes. He wants to leave his riders exhausted but hungry for more.

Schedule: Thurs 6pm House Ride/ Sat 730am House Ride & 830am Express Strength




Michelle her genuine smile and contagious energy that reflects her love of supporting others on their health and fitness journey. Michelle plays a variety of music, but loves the 80’s-90’s and techno - anything that brings on good vibes. She welcomes riders of all levels and encourages you to shift outside your comfort zone and ride into all that is possible inside and outside of the studio.

Schedule: House Ride Mon 530pm / Express Ride Fri 1230pm



Coach & Trainer

Susan has been an avid outdoor cyclist for decades. She’s been in NOVA since 1990 but is originally from Massachusetts. She loves training for triathlons and has turned to indoor cycling for her workouts over the past 10 years. Susan loves a variety of music but leans toward the 70s-90s. She wants her riders to leave feeling energized and like they can conquer any challenge.

Schedule: Check social media for Susan’s sub schedule



Stewart comes to NOVA by way of Charlottesville. She comes from a family of cyclists and got hooked on teaching after riding indoors for 10 years. She loves anything upbeat from hip-hop to indie to EDM. Stewart loves to push her pack with intense drills that leave them feeling proud of the effort they put into class.

Schedule: Sat 11am House Ride

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Emily is a recent transplant in Reston who fell in love with cycling 4 years ago in Spain. She’s originally from Massachusetts but is loving the Reston life. Emily’s positive attitude will help you crush those hills and finish class feeling ready to take on anything. She loves a good remix but you’ll also hear EDM, current hits and 90s R&B.

Schedule: Tues 530am House Ride



Studio Coordinators

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Operations Manager

Rachel is the perfect combination of laid back and go-getter. She’ll solve any problem with a smile and will make sure you are happily on your way. Like our owner, Rachel is from Rochester, NY so she gets extra points for being able to drive in the snow!

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Maria finds it hard not to smile at all times and we love that about her. She’s ready to help you get checked in and ready for class several times a week. Maria is a quiet but fierce coordinator who finds joy in seeing regular faces she can get to know. If you’re wondering if she is always that happy, yes, she is. The best part is she wants you to be that happy to.



Kristen grew up in Northern Virginia and is a Senior at Christopher Newport University. She’s excited to get to add working and working out at New Trail to her already busy schedule. When she’s not at New Trail, Kristen is shadowing Occupational Therapists and working on applying to Graduate OT Programs. Keep an eye out for this friendly face at New Trail - she’s always ready to greet you and start your experience with a smile!