First Ride Prep

So, you want to try indoor cycling but you’re not sure what to expect? Let’s break it all down so you are totally prepared for what’s in store before and after class!

Tips for before class:

1)      Hydrate – you’re bound to sweat so make sure you drink up before you arrive and bring water with you

2)      Wear comfortable workout gear. Try to avoid loose pants – they can get in your way while you’re pedaling.

3)      Arrive 10 minutes early – we want you to get properly fit on your bike and in your shoes. We will not let you feel lost. Our front desk will help you with shoes, your coach will help you with bike set up. We promise you’ll feel ready to take on the ride!

4)      Don’t psych yourself out! We know you’ve seen people come out drenched in sweat and “everyone says it’s so hard” BUT you can do it! We pride ourselves on making sure it’s achievable for everyone so don’t stress.

Tips during class

1)      Listen to your body! Take a break whenever you need it – this is a no-judgement zone so do as you like.

2)      When in doubt, add resistance. If you are standing up and feel like you’re falling side to side, add resistance. If your butt starts to hurt from sitting on the seat, add resistance – it will lift you up off the seat a little

3)      Try to pedal a full circle around the pedal stroke. Most people start by just pushing down but you really need to think about creating almost a full circle with your pedal

Tips for after class

1)      Stretch – we’ll stretch you out at the end but it’s always good to keep the stretching going later that night

2)      Sign up again! You can’t tell if you like it or not until you take at least 2 classes. The first one is your practice and you’ll start to figure out your settings and the console but the second class is where you an really get into a groove.

3)      Try other instructors – everyone has a slightly different vibe and music choice so try someone else so you can see who you gel with best.

4)      The infamous sore seat…you may have a sore butt for the first few times before your body is used to riding the bike. If you prefer to skip the soreness, you can purchase a gel seat for as little as $12 and it will fit right over our seats to create some extra cushion. Don’t forget a little more resistance goes a long way in protecting your backside from getting sore.

Stay tuned for more tips on how to clip in, set up your bike, use the console and more!



Elizabeth Kamp