New Trail Owner, Liz Kamp

 New Trail Owner, Liz Kamp

As a Reston resident of almost 10 years I am thrilled to be joining the community of merchants at Lake Anne. Our name, New Trail, is a nod to the trails that connect the Reston community. I hope that New Trail becomes another “trail” to connect us.

A little background about me and how I got here…

I’ve taught, trained and/or managed fitness facilities and programs since 2003. Every place I have worked, people have asked why I do what I do and the answer has always been "to help people." I have always wanted to create a space where fitness is fun and it’s about being healthy instead of about six-pack abs. Cycling really lends itself to workouts where you can just focus on yourself. You’re in a dimly lit room where you can’t compare yourself to other riders. I learned this first hand when I started riding back in 2000 and I have been hooked ever since.

My mission is to create a community of people who believe fitness can improve their whole lives and also believe it can be fun. Some people would laugh at the idea that a killer workout can be fun but I know it can be.  

Welcome to New Trail, I hope you find a home riding with us.

All the best,