New Riders:

What should I wear and bring?

We recommend comfortable yet tight fitting exercise clothes to allow for full range of motion. We highly suggest bringing a water bottle. If you have your own cleats, bring them or borrow ours. We have SPD and LOOK compatible pedals.

Will someone help me get set up?

Absolutely! Our front desk staff, an ambassador or your coach will help ensure a proper set up on the bike. 

I haven't worked out before, can I still ride?

Yes! All classes will accommodate all levels of riders. This is your ride!

Will you make accommodations for vision or hearing impaired riders?

Absolutely! We are happy to help in any way. Please feel free to contact us beforehand if there’s anything we can do to make your visit more comfortable. You can email us at or call 571-926-8584.

Do I have to wear the cleats? Do I need my own?

Everyone does need to wear cleats. You'll get a much more effective workout if you can use your legs for a full pedal stroke which cleats help you achieve.  It's safer to be clipped in when you're pushing through hard and fast intervals. The only exception is in the teen and 55+ classes. We have cleats for you to borrow if you don't have your own. If you do have your own SPD or LOOK cleats, please do bring them!

Why don't you require cleats for teens and 55+ classes?

The RPM or revolutions per minute tend to be a little slower for these groups. In addition, finding cleats in the correct size can be a challenge for teens. We also want those with any sort of foot issue that might prevent a cleat from being comfortable to still be able to ride in class. We do encourage ALL riders to wear cleats but they are not required in those classes. 

Is there a class for beginners?

We have a quarterly New Trail 101 class for FREE! You're welcome to attend this before you take a regular ride but it is not required. You'll learn the basics of a good set up on the bike and how to clip in and out. We'll also teach you proper form and mechanics for our rides. Part of the class will be a mini version of our house ride. 


General Questions:

Is there a monthly membership?

We offer several monthly membership options and flexible packages of rides. 

How does the waitlist work?

If a class is full, go ahead and sign up. If a spot opens up more than 8 hours before the class, you will automatically be added to class and will be notified via email. Please remember to take yourself off the waitlist if your plans change. If a spot opens up within the 8 hours before class, we will call you to see if you want to be added. This is on a first come, first serve basis so please answer your phone! We cannot wait for people to call back so we will continue moving down the list.

When can I sign up for my classes? 

Classes open up two weeks in advance. You can sign up online or come into the studio when we are open. We highly suggest signing up online due to classes filling quickly.

I'm pregnant, can I still ride?

You can! We do ask that you get a note from your Ob/Gyn before starting if you are new to riding. If you've been riding with us before you became pregnant we're happy to have you continue - we suggest you lower your intensity slightly but continue to ride. 

What is the cancellation policy?

You must cancel your bike 8 hours before class. We know things come up but this allows us to accommodate our waitlist riders and avoids no shows. If you have a package, you will be charged for the missed class. If you have a membership, your account will be charged a $5 late cancellation penalty. If you have a membership and do not come to your reserved class, you will be charged a $15 no show penalty.

What is the weather policy?

We will post cancellations on our website and social media. If you're signed up for a cancelled class we will email you and place your class credit back in your account. We will try to be reasonable and make sure the conditions are safe for everyone to make it to the studio. Classes may be cancelled for inclement weather up to 2 hours before they start. 

What ages can ride?

Our house ride accommodates riders 18 and up. Our teen classes are for teens ages 12-18. We also offer specialized classes for our 55+ riders. 

I'm running late, can I get in after class starts?

We understand things come up but cannot allow riders to come in after the first 5 minutes of class. It's disruptive to the class and the instructor. It’s unsafe to ride without a proper warm-up. Bikes that have been reserved will be released to walk-ins if riders have not checked in by the scheduled class time. First-time riders will NOT be admitted in any class after it has started - it is unsafe to not be properly set up and it is unfair to the rest of the class to stop to accommodate one person.

What size riders will fit on your bikes?

Our bikes are adjustable in 4 ways and accommodate riders who are 4'11 to 6'8 and up to 350lbs.

Do you ever cancel a class due to poor attendance?

If we do not have more than one rider, we do reserve the right to cancel a class. If the class is cancelled, you will always get that credit put back into your account.

What amenities do you offer?

We offer cleats to borrow for free, towels on each bike and a complimentary cool herbal towel to refresh you after your ride. We also have a water fountain in the studio to fill your water bottle. 

Can I host a private ride at the studio? 

Absolutely! You're welcome to host a private ride outside our normal class times. Bachelorette/Bachelor parties, corporate events, fundraisers, team building, sports teams all are welcome. We can provide a ride, food and drinks and much more. Please contact our owner, Liz Kamp at for more info.