Indoor Cycling

New Trail Ride

Our ride is efficient, based on principles of exercise science and so much fun! Riding to the beat will enhance your workout more than you could have imagined.

Our bikes have consoles linked to your account. You’ll choose your bike for each ride. Your account will hold the data (RPM, HR, Mileage, Watts, etc) from all your rides.

strength training

New Trail Strength

Our strength workouts are sure to help you reach your goals. Our trainers are Certified Personal Trainers who are here to help you achieve your fitness and wellness goals. Our priority is your health and wellness. We want you to feel strong and accomplished. Unless otherwise noted, you can expect a total body workout hitting every major muscle group. Safe and effective are of utmost importance. Let the music move you and our trainers motivate you to get one step closer to your goals!


Class Offerings

Simply Cycling Options:

House Ride is our signature ride for riders of all levels. The beauty of the bike is that every rider can go at his or her own level. You control the resistance, you control how hard you work. Trust us, you will be inspired to push yourself.

Express Ride is our house ride packed into 30 minutes. We know you’re short on time so leave your desk for a midday workout. Our bathrooms are well-stocked with everything but a shower to get you back to your professional best (wipes, dry shampoo, hair dryers, curling irons, etc - we won’t tell if you don’t)

55+ Ride is exactly that and is for all levels age 55+ (everyone is welcome to join regardless of age). Our playlist for these classes will have a variety of music with a focus on hits from the 70s-90s. The ride will accommodate all levels of riders with lower RPM and intensity ranges offered. Remember it's your ride so you can tailor it to fit your needs!

New Trail 101 is our quarterly free 30 minute introductory class. We spend the first half of class setting you up properly and teaching bike mechanics. After everyone is settled and feels comfortable and confident, we will do a short beginner class so you get a feel for what our House Rides are like.

COMING SOON - Our teen ride is for teens ages 12-16. The classes are noted if they are for teen girls only or for teen boys only. Playlists will consist of current artists with appropriate language.

Strength & More:

Core & Stretch is our 30 minute recovery class where we work your core and stretch all your muscles after a ride. You’re welcome to attend whether you take a ride before or after.

Strength & Cycle is the ultimate total body experience. Spend 50 minutes alternating between cardio and strength. Coaches will mix it up between shorter intervals to longer 20 minute sections of riding or lifting.

Express Strength is the perfect addition to your ride. We’ll take you through a 30 minute effective and efficient strength circuit to hit all the major muscle groups.

Check out our social media and weekly schedules for updates on playlists.