New Trail Mission

Our mission is to bring together a community of people who are looking for an inclusive environment to work toward their fitness and wellness goals. Our classes are designed to be not only achievable for every level, but also intense, invigorating, and fun. Above all, our objective is to understand your goals and help you with motivation, strength, and confidence.

Our name, New Trail, is a nod to the 55 miles of trails that connect the Reston community. With inclusivity and positivity at the heart of our mission, we are bringing a new trail to the Reston region.


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About the Founder - Liz Kamp

I've been teaching, training and/or managing fitness facilities and programs since 2003. Through the years, I’ve successfully coached many types of clients: those dealing with injuries, new moms trying get back to a fitness routine, people struggling to motivate to exercise, even athletes trying to take it up a notch. I have dealt with each of these issues myself, and cycling has always been an outlet where I can focus on myself, feeling my best, and achieving my personal goals. At New Trail, people come to have fun while they get in shape, work toward fitness goals, and feel a sense of community – we’re all on this trail together.

As a Reston resident for more than a decade, I’m thrilled to be a member of the growing group of diverse and talented merchants at Lake Anne.

Welcome to New Trail, I hope you find a home riding with us.



Our Beliefs

We believe fitness can serve as a catalyst to create community.

We believe the best communities are those in which we lift each other up. We believe communities are built on meaningful human connection and fitness can help us deepen that connection.

We shouldn’t strive for perfection but should push ourselves to our own personal greatness. You don’t need to look to the person next to you to see who you should be - you are enough.

We believe fitness should be challenging yet fun and can improve your whole life - a great body is a by-product.